The interior doors are one of the most important parts of our interior design. Unfortunately, due to the lack of selection in our market, we are limited by products offered by the local hardware and lumber stores mostly made of a “hardboard” or MDF. Even the doors made of solid wood are the same style as they were 40 years ago. Moreover, due to their construction, they tend to warp and crack with time.

Sadly, but people spend thousands of dollars making their homes look beautiful and functional but they end up with doors from local hardware stores leaving the interior of the house incomplete. At “Windor”, we believe that choosing the right door will make a huge difference and bring charm to any home.


  • Wide selection of interior door designs and colors
  • Superior quality. Built to last long
  • Maintanence free
  • Made of Eco-Friendly materials
  • Our price range will fit any budget
  • Non-standard sizes are available
  • Add elegant, luxurious, and welcoming character to any home
  • European ISO-Quality


We offer you the biggest choice of interior doors in the Greater Toronto Area. Every single door has its own character that will help you to choose the right one. As the trend of modern interior doors grows rapidly, we strive to follow those trends by adding new door styles consistently. Our solid core doors will not only last much longer but will increase the soundproof characteristics and will give the feeling of the real quality

By choosing “Windor” interior doors we guarantee that your house will be unique.

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