Egress Window Requirements for Ontario

National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) requires that every home in Canada must have egress windows in each bedroom. For basements, you need to have egress window in every bedroom designated for sleep. These windows will provide safe evacuation in case of fire as well as the easier access for Firefighters.

  • Make Sure the window type and the measurements fit your local building codes
  • You must have at least 55 inches distance from the floor to the window sill
  • The window must have proper drainage
  • Call before you dig to avoid any underground’s cables/gas pipes

Window Types and sizes

Slider egress window


Hung egress window


tilt and turn egress window

Tilt & Turn

casement egress window


Ontario Egress window requirements

Windows example. Please note: some municipalities might have different codes. Described is an average requirements across Canada.

Egress Window Drainage System

It’s important to make a proper drainage during egress window installation.

To find out if you have a drainage system on your current window look outside. If you have window well installed and there’re gravels inside it’s most likely has a drain system installed by your home builder. You can test it by pouring the water with a garden hose. If water drains quickly it’s a a good sign that drainage works properly and it’s not clogged.

Window well and drainage system

Tilt & Turn Egress Windows

Tilt & turn egress window

At Windor we suggest to install Tilt & Turn windows as your egress window. In fact, this is a most popular choice of many of our happy clients.

Here are some advantages:

  • Metal reinforced frame for extra safety
  • Multipoint lock (all the way around the window).
  • Easy operation: you can open it 90-180 degree inside at first position or you can tilt the top for ventilation at the second position.

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